The Snake Strikes Back 1980 Review: Partly for the action and partially for the laughs

Lam cannot do right where his master or his main rival, Sui, are concerned. When the Master is killed, Lam must fight Sui and the Immortal Trio to protect the Book of Invincible Snake Fist.

The Snake Strikes Back (Xa Quyen Sat Thu) is starting to show it’s age and the dubbing was dreadful but who watches low budget Kung Fu for acting or script quality. The story revolves around a fool Sui who wants to learn the art of the Absolutes Kung Fu and whoever becomes master becomes the keeper of the secret book of the Invincible Snake Fist. Another prize that goes along with the title is a secret weapon a mega belly (I kid you not).

The story is quite good the action is fast and often and the laugh’s are around for all to see. The film stars Eagle Han, Elton Chong & Kim Miou my only complaint is that Sui keeps on having to fight the same people over and over again to gain control of the book. My score 6/10 not the best but well worth the money I paid out for the film.

Overall I’d recommend this to fans of low budget martial arts (phim Hong Kong vo thuat xua); partly for the action and partially for the laughs.

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