Mission For The Dragon 1979 Review: One of the better Bruceplotation films

Two of Asia’s biggest martial arts stars team up in this excellent offering from Korea. Two sons swear to avenge their father’s murder. They set off in search of the last man to see him alive.

Mission For The Dragon (Long Hinh Trao Thu) is actually one of the better Bruceplotation films which flooded Hong Kong cinema in the late 70s after Bruce Lee’s death. The basic plot is familiar to anyone who has seen more than about four martial arts films (phim vo thuat xua).

A kung fu student, here played by Dragon Lee, finds out that his father has been murdered. And so trains a little harder and sets out to avenge his death. Carter Wong, who starred in the “18 Bronzemen” plays the chief villain and it’s not really a spoiler to say as with all films of the genre it ends with a climatic fight between the two leads.

It doesn’t come close to the brilliance of Bruce Lei, or even the early work of Jackie Chan. But there is enough fighting to keep an easily amused viewer occupied for 80 odd minutes.

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