Magnificent Team 1998 Review: A magnificent waste of time

A magnificent waste of time.

An undercover detective (Francis Ng), his lover (Amanda Lee) and a mutual friend (Christine Ng or Ngu Vinh Vy) try to catch the person who is killing Internet users.

This below-average Hong Kong action comedy stars Francis Ng as the central member of a lousy police team. The big hook: each member of the team possesses an annoying quirk that would probably have flunked them in cadet school. When girlfriend Amanda Lee is put in charge, the team splinters and the evil bad guys (led by Michael Lam) continue their crime spree. It’s up to the rag-tag group of reject cops to pull it together. And become the “magnificent team” hinted at in the English title.

Their debut as a Magnificent Team (Canh Sat Phi Thuong) is debatable, but the quality of the movie is not. It’s bad. Directed with a gnarled piece of driftwood by David Lam. This film manages to waste even the most welcome of HK talents – Francis and Christine Ng. Both come off poorly.

HK cinema comes off looking worse. Morever, there’s a “new talent” star in this film that totally blows. I forget his name*, but he’s the young cop who just sucks it up, acting wise. This is not a good action film (phim hanh dong sieu kich tinh).

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