The Jail in Burning Island 1997 Review: Acting-wise

A young police officer “makes a mess” of a police operation. Shoots a man in self-defense, and ends up in prison. There he learns that the world isn’t black and white. But has many shades of gray, and makes new friends and enemies.

Back in the days when they were rival pop idols in Taiwan. Takeshi Kaneshiro and Nicky Wu starred together in this action thriller set in The Jail in Burning Island (Tra Lai Tinh Toi)! Helmed by Taiwan’s most bankable director Chu Yen Ping. The 1997 movie mirrors Chu’s star-studded 1991 film Island of Fire with the same setting and a similarly strong supporting cast that includes Anthony Wong, Ng Man Tat, Yvonne Yung, Chen Sung Yung, and Hao Shao Wen.

So in The Jail in Burning Island, everything is controlled by the treacherous prison warden (Anthony Wong). Kaneshiro plays a cop who is sentenced there after accidentally killing the hostage in a bank robbery. The prisoners pick on him, luckily for him he is befriended by a gang boss (Chen Sung Yung) and a boxer (Nicky Wu or Ngo Ky Long) who used to work for the triad. Together, the unlikely trio hatches up a daring plan to escape from the maximum-security prison…

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