Revolver Review: Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham collaborate once again with a huge cas

After seven years in solitary, Jake Green is released from prison. In the next two years. He amasses a lot of money by gambling. He’s ready to seek his revenge on Dorothy (Mr. D) Macha, a violence-prone casino owner who sent Jake to prison. He humiliates Macha in front of Macha’s lieutenants, leaves, and keels over.

Doctors tell him he has a rare disease and will die in three days; Macha also puts a hit out on him. Loan sharks, Zack and Avi, demand Jake’s cash and complete fealty in return for protection. Jake complies, and through narration and flashbacks, we watch him through at least three days of schemes, danger, and redemption. Who is his greatest enemy?

Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham collaborate once again with a huge cast of mostly action bloke films. While this is absolutely still a bloke film this one is quite different from your average Ritchie film and I have to admit I find myself impressed with the acting range shown by the entire cast but a shout out to Statham who was a real performance surprise and absolutely to Ray Liotta who hit all of his marks perfectly.

I hope more film makers see Revolver (Sung Luc) as a new benchmark for the two actors so they may be cast in a few more interesting rolls.

I enjoyed it and hope you guys do as well when you get around to seeing this action film (phim hanh dong my).

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