Safe 2012 Review: The story faces some clichés, it’s still entertaining

Safe (2012) is a Jason Statham actioner. It looks cheesier and more generic than The Mechanic (2011) and Killer Elite, two other by-the-books Statham flicks, but Safe actually has a lot going for it in the department that counts.

Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is a down on his luck former cop in New York City. He’s been a ghost as of late, floating around and participating in cage fights as a way of redemption for the bad things he’s done. A Russian mob lost a lot of money on one of his fights and decides to return the favor by murdering Luke’s wife and making him live to suffer. He’s past the breaking point and is simply walking around town trying to find a good enough reason to continue living a cold and alone life.

The characters are nothing really to write home about, they are pretty… meh. At least the supporting cast, they are nothing special which is a bit of a shame because we got a great cast here. But let’s talk about our main players here; Statham and Chan. Statham is actually really good in this movie, not simply being really tough and badass. He gives a really good performance. And Catherine Chan who plays the little girl Mei is also really good. I really loved the conversations between her and Statham, they were so sweet and entertaining.

Now we move on to the disappointingly bad supporting cast. First off we have James Hong who’s been in tons of great stuff, he was not as great as he could have been. Next is Anson Mount, and this is probably the most disappointing part for me because I love him so much in “Hell on Wheels”. We also have Reggie Lee who plays one of the main triad members, and he wasn’t very good which is sad because he is pretty great at playing a bad guy/slime ball in “Prison Break”. Also, Chris Sarandon is in this movie. Yeah, Jack Skellington from “Nightmare Before Christmas”, he plays the mayor here.

The music in the movie was pretty good. The score was done by Mark Mothersbaugh and that was decently good, nothing really special or even that exciting. There was however a fair amount of licensed tracks in the movie and I thought those were really good. So I’d say the soundtrack in total is pretty good, but not great.

Boaz Yakin is the director and writer for this movie. If you know any good movies by him, please feel free to mention it. Anyway, he wrote this and teh script/dialogue was really good. He also directed the movie and I think he did a great job with it. The shots look great and the pacing is excellent. And the action in the movie is pretty badass too.

Sure, there is shaky-cam, but it’s moe in the sense of the “Bourne” trilogy rather than in “Alex Cross”. In other words, it isn’t used to mask bad choreography but is more of stylistic choice. But you know what makes up for some of the shaky-cam? Some incredible sound effects.

I’m not gonna lie, you guys… I had a great time with Safe (Mat Ma Song). While the story faces some clichés, it’s still entertaining, shame that the supporting characters aren’t that great, and the soundtrack overall is pretty good, and the directing is great. The writing and action are also very good. Time for my final score. *Pops someone’s knee, steals envelope*. My final score for “Safe” is a 9/10.

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