The Italian Job Review: This is a remake of the 1969 film with Michael Caine and Noel Coward

“The Italian Job” is a remake of the 1969 film with Michael Caine and Noel Coward. “The Thomas Crown Affair” was originally made in 1968 with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway that was remade in 1999 directed by John McTiernan and stars Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.

The crew consisting of the young Turk Charlie Coker (Wahlberg) the mentor John Bridger (Sutherland) the tech guy Lyle (Green) the demolition guy “Left Ear” (Def) the Judas, “Steve” (Norton) and the suave driver. And all around bad ass ‘Handsome Rob’ (Jason Statham) they are in Venice for the ‘one last job’ trope.

They are honorable thieves because after all no shots were fired no one was killed. The crew takes the safe and just about when they leave town they are double cross by Judas and left for dead. With their van is driven off a bridge into a cold, cold frozen lake, leaving Bridger dead. However no one else caught a flu, hypothermia or anything.

How do we know Norton is the turncoat? The horrible mustache is a huge hint. A year later, “Skinny Pete” before moving to New Mexico apparently before becoming friends with Badger and Jesse Pinkman, contacts Coker with Steve’s location apparently after stealing 35 million and probably swindling the crew that helped him take the gold in the first place still hasn’t changed his look, check that Steve added a stupid soul patch to his mustache.

Steve is living the life in L.A. Charlie finds himself in Philadelphia to recruit Bridger’s daughter Stella (Charlize Theron) a professional safe cracker. Initially rebuffs Charlie however the allure of seeing Steve’s face when all the gold is take is the hook she’s in.

There are a couple of scenes I have questions about, with Lyle and Rob doing surveillance in a parking garage of a cable company in the parking garage there are a lot of signs that say “restricted parking” how did they get into the garage in the first place? Also there are people around the garage and Lyle has a video camera blatantly taping people and everyone in the garage is oblivious to this? And even though it is a cadre of thieves how much money does Charlie and company have? They are able to finance everything they are thieves I get that. And apparently everyone invested wisely just like Danny Ocean and his known associates have. Clearly getting Steve’s gold isn’t about the money it is an “honor among thieves coda.”

Just a random note Oscar Nuñez, who was Oscar on “The Office”, is a security guard at Steve’s estate. For the third act set up at Union Station Lyle is at a completely empty with a laptop. Where he has complete control of L.A.’s traffic grid or whatever. And there is a key scene when the gang has to get on the train tracks of LA’s subway system. Where Lyle actually stops a subway train. But not before the cars get through yet Lyle couldn’t control the train’s speed? Oh wait never mind there are a few people and the baggage carousel Lyle is at finally gets people in there, and he doesn’t look suspicious at all.

And finally was the L.A. film commission offering a nice deal to film in. And around Mann’s Chinese theatre in the early 2000’s because not only does the third act happen here. But also in “Hollywood Homicide” then again do the denizens of Los Angeles actually use their subway system? The Italian Job (Ke Phan Boi) works as a heist film. And wish fulfillment when you navigate your way through traffic. As if you’re the only one there.

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