The One 2001 Review: The film is packing a lot of action

Almost never a good thing when someone says, “You got a pretty mouth”. Be it either in film or real life. If you hear those magical words it’s probably not going to be a good situation. Case and point: A dude says it to Jet Li in The One. Probably meaning it as a threat but Jet Li didn’t wait long enough to really find out before kicking his ass!

Jet Li (Ly Lien Kiet) stars as Gabe Law and Gabriel Yulaw in The One. That’s right, Li plays many different characters that are all the same character. Huh? Let me explain. In The One there are multiple parallel universes and evil Jet Li (Gabriel Yulaw) has found a way to traverse the different universes so he can kill off his parallel selves and get their power, Highlander-style. He finally meets his match when he’s down to his last alternate version of himself, Gabe Law. Who will win and how can we tell when they look exactly alike?

The One (Ke Doc Ton) is packing a lot of action but it didn’t have the “cheer out loud, jump on the couch, punch your friend in the arm” kind of excitement to it. Jet Li shows off some of his martial arts skills against his ultimate opponent, himself. However, there was a lot of wire work used, which gave the action that really fake, unrealistic feeling. The action was just about non-stop with some great music going on in the background. But it just failed to get me to care about what’s happening.

Movie Summary

Yulaw (evil Jet Li) is strapped to a chair, about to be sent to a very bad parallel universe. The room set up like an execution with an audience on the other side of the glass. A woman (Carla Gugino) in the crowd unleashes a small mouse with a fuse hanging out of its butt. The guard notices the mouse just in time for the fuse to ignite and detonate, blowing up the glass barrier and freeing Yulaw. There was another explosion that was bigger and prettier than this one, but this one had a mouse with a fuse hanging out of its butt!

Director: James Wong
Cast: Jet Li, Carla Gugino, Jason Statham, Delroy Lindo

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