Jared Leto describes Morbius The Living Vampire as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ story

Jared Leto describes Morbius The Living Vampire as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ story.

The success of Tom Hardy’s solo Venom movie prompted Sony to get more ambitious with their burgeoning franchise based on characters from the Spider-Man mythology. Next up is Morbius in which Jared Leto will play the role of the titular anti-hero. In an interview with Variety, Leto revealed that Morbius will see him exploring a “Jekyll and Hyde” type character in a big, fun movie.

“[It’s] a Jekyll and Hyde story that’s just big and fun, and sometimes is a little scary, which is, I think, different for that genre. And I’m excited about it. That should be a big, fun popcorn movie.”

In the comics, Doctor Michael Morbius was a scientist who was working with a special species of Bat to find a cure for a serious disease. His experiments went wrong, and Morbius was transformed into a Living Vampire. Who must feed on the blood of his victims in order to survive.

Although he started out as a villain for Spider-Man, the character of Morbius soon grew in popularity. And the upcoming film will portray him as the solo lead. A past interview, Jared Leto had hinted that Morbius will one day lead to crossovers with characters from other films in Sony’s expanding Spider-Man cinematic universe.

“In the film, I play a new Marvel character that attempts to cure his lifelong blood design with experimental science. In the process, I turn into a living vampire. That’s a little bit about what’s going on, and I think it’s going to be a fun one and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. It’s an exciting role in an expanding universe, there’s a lot for us to look forward to.”

While Leto described Morbius as a fun, popcorn film, the Oscar-winning actor always takes his work very seriously. The last time he worked on the “popcorn” flick Suicide Squad as Joker, Leto famously went full method actor, going to great lengths to get into character as the Clown Prince of Crime. According to the actor, his method acting ways are simply a desire to make sure he performs to his best ability, as long as it does not inconvenience the other people involved in making the film.

“I appreciate the term [method acting], I think it’s a little cloudy, the definition. And it, it could also be really pretentious as well. I was thinking of it as my job to show up and do the best work that I can. It’s my job to show up, do whatever I can, to be over prepared. And to deliver. It’s also my job to show up and, you know, be a pleasure to work with. And, and, and, and to be collaborative, and to have a good experience on set.”

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Morbius stars Jared Leto as the titular character. Matt Smith as Loxias Crown, Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft, Tyrese Gibson as Agent Stroud, and Jared Harris in an undisclosed role. Morbius arrives in theaters on March 19, 2021. This news comes from Variety.

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