The Batman set photos reveal our first look at the Batcave

Matt Reeves has said in the past that he wanted his version of Gotham City to be different from past big screen adaptations and that extends to the Batcave.

The Batman set photos reveal our first look at the Batcave. Matt Reeves previously noted that he wanted his version of Gotham City to differ from other big screen adaptations. It appears that this design idea has extended to the Batcave. Thanks to an aerial view of the massive set constructed for the Dark Knight’s hidden headquarters. Reeves and the crew are still hard at work trying to complete the movie in the U.K. and in the United States.

The Batcave images are from the U.K. set. A massive cliff makes up a big portion of Dark Knight’s hidden headquarters from The Batman. There is a body of water at the bottom of the cliff, and the top is built up with smaller trees to create the illusion that the cliff is much bigger than what was created for a set. As for the inside, we’re not sure what’s going on in there just yet. Though some DC fans think we saw the interior in the first trailer.

Matt Reeves released the first footage from The Batman at the DC FanDome event in August. The footage has been picked apart by fans for months now. And it is believed that some shots from an underground train depot are the Batcave. However, that has yet to be officially proven. It is entirely possible that Gotham has an abandoned train depot that Bruce Wayne has commandeered for his secret headquarters. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Reeves decided to do with the iconic Gotham City location.

Matt Reeves believes that Gotham City is an important piece of The Batman puzzle. “The nature of what this place is, and the history of it, is critically important to our story, and one of the things that I really wanted to do – because it is the center of this story, especially the history of corruption in the city – was, I wanted to present it in a way that was really fleshed out,” said the director during a Q&A over the summer. With that being said, Reeves wanted the city to feel like a North American city that we’ve never visited before.

The Batman will feature a much different Gotham City from what we’ve seen before. Matt Reeves says, “the Burton one had very, very theatrical, beautiful, beautiful sets, and Nolan had the version that he created in Batman Begins and that was a particular thing, parts of Chicago and parts of Pittsburgh, and what we’re trying to do is create a version of it that you haven’t seen before.” Hopefully we’ll get some insight into the Batcave over the next few weeks as filming continues in the U.K. You can check out the outer images of the Batcave above, thanks to The Batman Shots Twitter account.

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